It all started back in 1972 with this little Singer Sewing machine.

    Carol's First Sewing Machine

    Here is a very small sampling of the hundreds of professional mascot costumes created by Carol Flemming Costume Design Studio.

    Fresno City Ram

    Fresno Ram Mascot

    Fresno City College, “Home of the Rams!”  Here at Fresno City College, it is our goal to challenge student-athletes both academically and athletically so that they may be successful in their future endeavors.




    Flamingo Waterpark Cowboy Mascot

    Flamingo Waterpark Cowboy

    Flamingo Waterpark Resort, the perfect place for the entire family on your next Florida vacation.

    Flamingo Cowboy Rendering

    Flamingo Cowboy Mascot Rendering


    Rompy Mascot

    Rompy Mascot Costume

    “Rompy is our beloved mascot and a cheerful participant in almost every class and party! ”

    Drizzle Yogurt Mascot

    Drizzle Yogurt Mascot

    We are: on a mission

    We work hard to provide the best frozen treat you’ve ever tasted and are dedicated to becoming a valuable partner in your community, from schools to non-for-profits.”


    Comet Mascot

    Comet Mascot

    “Carol, the mascot you created is a hit. The students and faculty were very impressed with him. He is far beyond what we were expecting and the quality is top all the way.

    He truly has lifted team spirit and will be a hit at all the ball games for years to come. Thank you and your staff again for a top of the line Mascot.” Stan Staffan.

    Comet Rendering

     Comet Rendering


    Alien Mascot

    Alien Mascot Costume

    Florida University

    Bakersfield Condors Mascot

    Oil Drop Mascot

    Bakersfield Condors Mascot Unveiled



    Coney & Friends


    I wanted to check in with you on our costume that you built for us. Everyone really loved Coney! He was all over our social media on the Ride – check it out!

    I’m sure there are some good photos in there!!


    Coney-Lifecycle Mascot

    Coney Rendering

    Coney Mascot Rendering

    Kinky Bottle Mascots


    Axel & Rose


    Cyclone Mascot

    Cyclone Mascot Costume

     School Mascot

     Pirate Mascot

    PYRATE Mascot

     School Mascot

     Big Jelly Mascot

    Big Jelly Church Mascot

     Church Mascot



     Gumby Mascot

    Gumby Mascot Costume

     Gumby Festival Mascot

     Ms Candy


     Seafood Distribution Company

     Balboa Mascot

    BALBOA Mascot

     San Diego County Fair Mascot


     Lumberjack Mascot

    LumberJack Mascot

     Grace From

    Grace From Space Mascot

    Star Trek meets Dora the Explorer in this futuristic, scientifically factual story about a young girl who probes the stars.

     Mets Mascot

    BINGO Mascot

     Sports Mascot



    Vampire Mascot

     Roseville Electric Company

     Surfer Dude

    Surfer Dude Mascot

     Waterpark Mascot

     National Man

    National Man Mascot

     Construction Company


     Pizza Chef

    Chef Mascot

     Food Service Mascot

    Sports Mascot


     Florida Ball League

     Billy Bronco

    Billy Bronco Mascot

     Cal State Pomona


     Owl Mascot

    Owl Mascot Costume

     College Mascot

     Hungry Howie

    New Howie Mascot

     Pizza Mascot

     School Mascot

    Red Bird Mascot

     College Mascot


     Salmon Mascot

    Salmon Mascot

     Department of Fish & Game

     Ricky Raindrop

    Ricky Raindrop Mascot

    Ad Agency

     Superhero Mascot

    Ramble Mascot

     City of Rocklin

     Eagle Mascot

    Eagle Mascot

     University Mascot

     Spartan Mascot

    Gladiator Mascot

     School Mascot

     College Mascot

    Seattle Falcon Mascot

     College Mascot


    Blue Lighting Mascot Costume


    Raptor Mascot Suit  Raptor Rendering

    Lobster Rendering   Lobster Mascot Suit

    Tiger Mascot Suit   Tiger Rendering

    Texas Pete Rendering   Texas Pete Mascot Suit

    Hound Dog Elvis Mascot Suit     Hound Dog Elvis Rendering

    Mascot Costume Rendering   Stud Bear Mascot Costume

    Armadillo Mascot Costume   Aardvark Mascot Rendering

    Big Trees Rendering   Big Trees Mascot

    Captain Pelican Mascot   Pelican Pirate Rendering

    Mi Rancho Mascot Rendering   Mi Rancho Mascot Costume

    Pizza Slice Mascot   Pizza Costume Rendering

    Fox Mascot Rendering   Fox BBQ Mascot

    Pizza Man Mascot    Pizza Man Rendering

    Strawberry Rendering   Strawberry Mascot Costume


    Hobo Rendering   Hobo Mascot Costume

    Ol' Timer Mascot      Ol' Timer Rendering

    Egg Mascot Rendering   Egg Mascot

    Grape Ape Mascot   Grape Ape Rendering

    Robot Costume Rendering   Robot Mascot

    Umpire Mascot Rendering       Coach Mascot Rendering

    Ball Players Mascot Costume

    Umpire and Coach Mascot Costumes    Allie Gator Costume

    Miracle League Mascot

    Grump Suit Mascot   Officer Pizzarelli Mascot

    Grump Catcher Mascot   Dragon Mascot

    Altoona Mascot   P Dragon Mascot

    Brooklyn Eagle Mascot

    P Puma Mascot Costume   Dog Mascot

    Archie Mascot Suit   Domino Dotty Mascot Costume

    Papa Murphy's Mascot   Pizza Pie Mascot

    Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes

    Green Dog Mascot Suit    Lobster Mascot

    Stinger Mascot Suit   Red Barons Mascot

    Pizza Couple Costumes   Porter Cowboy Costume

    3 Bears Picnic Costumes

    MollyMoo of Fresno Mascot Costume   SD Chicken Mascot

    RoadRunner Mascot Costume   Big Red Boxer Bird Costume

    Avocados From Chile Mascot CostumesRanger Moose Costume

    Sunny Bear Rendering

    Cal Bowl Mascot Costume

    CCU Mascot Suit   Double Clown Costume Suit

    LV Baseball Mascot   Beast Mascot

    Chipmunk Mascot   Bear Suit Mascot

    Ogden Raptor Srut

    Toad In A Gem Mascot   Mr Toad Mascot

    Dinosaur Mascot   Cyclone Mascot Costume

    Parrot Mascot Costume   Seal Costume

    Noid Mascot Costume   Coyote Mascot Costume

    Safe Boating Mascot   Wizard Costume

    Mascot Costume   Cool Cat Mascot Costume

    Owl Mascot Costume   Lotsa Pizza Mascots

    Pizza Pie Mascot   Pelican Mascot Costume

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