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    SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 BY

    Name the newest mascot.

    CONDORSTOWN, Calif.   The Bakersfield Condors, owned by the Edmonton Oilers, revealed a new oil-themed, superhero mascot at the Kern County Museum earlier today. As part of the festivities, a “Name the Mascot” contest has commenced presented by Kern Citizens for Energyand Petroleum Club of Bakersfield.
    “The mascot provides another link between the Oilers, the community of Edmonton, and here in Kern County,” said Condors Team President Matthew Riley. “There have been tough times in the oil industry lately, and we look to our oil-themed superhero to help save the day!”

    Condors Mascot

    Video Presentation of new Condors Mascot


    Comet Mascot

    Comet Mascot

    “Carol, the mascot you created is a hit. The students and faculty were very impressed with him. He is far beyond what we were expecting and the quality is top all the way.

    He truly has lifted team spirit and will be a hit at all the ball games for years to come. Thank you and your staff again for a top of the line Mascot.” Stan Staffan.

    Comet Rendering

    Comet Rendering


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