From Concept to Completion

Pizza Costume Rendering

If you are designing a brand new costume or  have a Mascot that needs to be replaced contact us.  We can work from an existing character, or completely design a new one. We have a full time Cartoonist on staff who is also a costume designer. We know there is more to building a custom than coming up with clever drawing.  Our renderings show exactly how your new mascot will look and function.

Quality and Pride in Workmanship

Everything we put into our mascots is the best available from fabric to thread. We are so sure of our commitment to excellence that our mascots are covered with a five year Warranty that is the Best in the industry. We request you check our References.

Superior Design at Competitive Prices

Top quality, exceptional workmanship and attention to detail all at a reasonable price. Contact Carol with your mascot specifications and be pleasantly surprised!

Miracle League Mascot

Wide Specialty Range and Experience

The studio specializes in custom animal and anthropomorphic costumes. Our customers include ball teams, radio stations, the military, parks and recreation districts, theme parks and water parks. We do a large volume of business with the food service industry, with names including Domino’s Pizza, Papa Johns Pizza and Subway Sandwiches. Not to mention a multitude of miscellaneous customers, each with their own unique costume needs.

As a custom design studio we can work with an existing character, or help with an entirely new concept. We have an on staff cartoonist to help with any design needs who is also a costume designer.

Design Features

Each foam mascot head contains a soft helmet (our own design) with an ice strip to keep the wearers head cool. We vent where ever possible for the maximum airflow; all mascots are designed to provide the greatest mobility and visibility possible for the comfort of the wearer. Our shoes have hard neolite soles for long wear, and depending on design, commercial quality zippers for durability. Most are washable in a commercial washer.

ExtrasNoid Mascot Costume

Not only do you get the best quality mascot at a reasonable price; but each mascot comes with…

  • an extra set of Hands,
  • a Carrying/Storage Bag,
  • and an internal Cooling Vest,

All at no extra or hidden charge!

The costume will fit a person 5’2″ to 6’2″ and up to 200 lbs. Since each costume is custom made; other size specifications are available upon request.

Carol Flemming Costume Design Studio has been in business since 1972.