Charles “PATT” Patterson


    Head Designer, Graphic Artist and Cartoonist

    I was born in Santa Cruz, California (back when it was interesting and the weirdest place in the Galaxy).

    I started working for Carol Flemming Costume Design Studio in October 1982 after 4 years in the U.S. Army Infantry.  During that time I also graduated from Columbia College with an AA in Social Science (with honors) emphasis History.

    I make and design all kinds of different stuff and I’ve re-enacted many different time periods where I made or modified all of my own period clothing and equipment.  Those include Wild West Gunfighter, Mountain Man, 4th. Century Pict, Confederate Infantry, a Tramp Clown, Klingon, Buccaneer, Pyrate and Steampunk.  I have a broad range of Costuming and Historical Knowledge.

    I am also a “Burner” where I use my skills and creativity to make everything I need for camp; the tents, Playa Finery (costumes), furniture, and custom bikes for a week at Burning Man.

    I’ve designed logos for Schools, Parks and Rec. Departments, and Baseball teams, and post a continuing Pyrate Comic on-line.

    As a Graphic Artist and Cartoonist, I draw all the Mascot Renderings for Carol Flemming Costume Design Studio.

    I currently live in Sonora, California with Martie (a hat maker extraordinaire) and 9 Chickens.



    PhilPhillip Yorba

    I’ve lived all my life in California mostly around the snowline of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.

    After high school I had worked several different jobs, moved to many different places, and learned many different trades.

    I have worked in retail, kitchens, customer service/data entry, painting and general contracting, worked as an overnight courier and as bartender. Each experience for a short time and it has all been a worthwhile experience.

    I learned to sew out of necessity. I have always had a lot of trouble keeping clothes, packs and upholstery from breaking apart so I would say that is where I started to appreciate the skill and continue to build onto it.

    I have worked with Carol Flemming Design for three years, mostly making costume shoes but also learning new techniques to become a better designer overall. I take great pride in my work and I see every project completed as a future test of our quality materials and craftsmanship.

    On my off hours I will always take opportunities to learn more in trades. For fun you will find me at the river, hiking around the country with the dog, or just out visiting friends.

    It’s all about where you’re going no matter where you’ve been.




    Hayley Green

    I was born in Leeds, England. My husband and I moved to California in 1989 where we operated a dry cleaning business for a number of years before moving to Northern California in 2003.

    I started working for Carol Flemming Costume Design in 2004.

    My mother was an excellent seamstress and she taught me to sew many years ago but I didn’t have any experience making mascot costumes. With some direction from Patt I was soon up and running.

    It has been quite a learning experience and tremendous fun creating these costumes, even though some of them have given me a few extra gray hairs! It is very satisfying when you finish a project and can look at it and say “Yes, that came out looking pretty good.”

    I work closely with the other designers and appreciate Carol’s confidence in my work. Sometimes we run into challenges that appear nearly impossible to solve but I have come to enjoy the work so much that finding solutions seems to have become second nature.

    I currently live in Lodi with my husband, who is a very talented carpenter and our son, a very smart young man with a very bright future ahead. Our daughter, despite being ill for a number of years, is away at college having the time of her life.

    In my spare time I like to read and I recently finished the 14th and final book in a series that I began reading over 12 years ago. A couple of years ago I decided to get back into shape and took up kick boxing. I am still learning and it is great exercise. Working out on a punching bag is wonderful for getting rid of stress.


    CarloCarlo Pierre Biteng

    Hailing from the Philippines, I migrated here in the US particularly in Florida. I love traveling. It allows me to meet all sorts of different people, learn their culture, language and how different or alike we are from one another.

    The adventures of travel have led me to different regions of the Philippines, different countries and 4 American states. Now it has lead me to California.

    I’ve been in different office jobs including corporate training, office, administration and project planning. However, I have learned to diversify my skills to include working in a restaurant as well as making and designing shoes for Carol Flemming Costume Designs.

    Though I have only done this in the past few months, I’ve been very happy with the results I have made under the tutelage of Carol as well as Phil. Hopefully, this experience would allow me to make more shoe designs and eventually make entire costumes as well.

    In my spare time I love watching and critic movies. I also love reading or watching new articles on new technology that enhance our lives. With all current technological trends, “the future is now” and I can’t wait to see what other advancements there is out there!


    Costume Deisgner JudyJudy Fry

    Meet our new costume designer, Judy Fry.

    Judy has been sewing all her life and tailors her own cloths.  Her work is exemplary and her brainstorming has come up with innovative ideas to improve costumes.

    She lives with her husband Rob of twenty two years and a couple of cats.  She loves to cook and is as creative in the kitchen as she is with costumes.  She has a wry sense of humor that keeps up entertained.

    Judy is a welcome addition to our costume family.