Established 1972

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Leading the industry with innovation and creative design since 1972 Carol Flemming Mascot Design Studio has consistently delivered mascot costumes that inspire fans, customers, and children around the world.

Experience has proven our products look good, are durable, provide functionality and most importantly maintain an internal environment that gives the wearer the comfort and freedom to perform.


Regardless if you are creating a brand new mascot or restoring an existing one Costume Design Studio has you covered.



My name is Carol Flemming. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

I started making costumes in 1972 and since then my company has created thousands of mascots for sports teams, amusement parks, food service businesses, local and federal government agencies, film, radio and television organizations and private parties.

Over the years the requirements of our customers and the people who wear our costumes has driven the innovation built into what we deliver today. Listening to the needs of our clients has allowed us to continually evolve our costumes into a product that is durable, wearable and enchanting to those who watch them perform.

Our products are so durable we offer the highest warranty in the industry. 5 years.



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Our products are wearable because we know what it is like to spend two hours inside a fur covered suit running around a field, up and down bleachers, doing cartwheels in the driveway or skydiving out of an airplane. We build our product to provide maximum comfort and safety for the wearer.

Noid Mascot Costume

When the wearer is cool, can see and knows the suit will hold up under the most rigorous exercise, the wearer will have the freedom and confidence to perform.

That performance is a representation of your organization and when the wearer does well the enchantment of those who watch or engage with your mascot is automatic.

Please take a few moments to look around our website.  There are over 100 images of mascot costumes and artistic renderings in here.




Meet our design team.  These are the artists and technicians who turn your ideas and sketches into the living, breathing, crowd-pleasing icons of your brand.

Be sure to read what our satisfied customers have to say about our mascots.

At Carol Flemming Costume Design Studio we turn imagination into reality.  Let your imagination soar.





For a quote, design information or to speak with Carol, call (209) 772-9907.

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100% designed and manufactured in the USA.  Sold and delivered worldwide.