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Based in Valley Springs, CA, Carol Flemming Costume Design offers the best custom mascot costumes using durable, breathable, and comfortable materials for sports teams, amusement parks, food service businesses, and more. Our staff provides exceptional customer service at a price that can’t be matched!

I've worked with Carol for almost 15 years now and she flat out delivers with every mascot. Our mascot, Split, has became an instant hit here in Savannah. With the Bananas, we believe in being fans first with everything we do. Carol has not only helped us bring a great character to our fans, but she has been there every step of the way for us. We have become big fans of her!

- Jesse Cole
Savannah Bananas

I just had the opportunity to work with Carol Flemming on designing our school mascot. I was so pleased with her excellent ability to work on details and do whatever it took to get the job done. Our school colors are blue and orange and she went above and beyond to make sure we had the correct colors for our mascot. She is on top of things and will work with you in a very timely manner. I highly recommend her for your project. We are so excited and pleased with our final product.

- Debbie Douglas
Director of Student Activities & Affairs
College of The Sequoias

Anyone considering having Carol Flemming make their corporate character come to life….DO IT! If I made one right decision last year in preparation for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it was having a mascot. I would credit at least 25% of our media coverage because of it. That is in addition to the extra traffic our trade show booth received!

- Casey Macioge
Marketing Manager
AcousticSheep, LLC

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Premier Custom Mascot Costume Design

Bring your business to life with a custom mascot costume crafted by Carol Flemming Costume Design in Valley Springs, CA. Our years of experience inform the expert design of durable and breathable mascot costumes that allow the wearer to perform in full comfort. Our team, led by Carol herself, guarantees your total satisfaction.

Professional Expertise in Costume Design

Carol Flemming Costume Design, based in Valley Springs, CA, offers years of experience designing, developing, and crafting custom mascot costumes.

Each of our costumes is made with these qualities in mind so that the wearer can run, jump, cartwheel, and perform to the best of their abilities in comfort. We even take it a step further by providing our patent-pending, soft velcro helmets that contain ice strips to keep the wearer cool. This technology, made with easy-to-clean strips that maintain a sanitary costume, is critical to the health and safety of the wearer, keeping them cool while helping them avoid dangers like heat stroke.

We know what makes a great mascot costume: durability, breathability, and functionality. Give us a call today and our team will work with you to help bring your mascot to life!

Custom Mascot Costumes for Your Business or Team

A great mascot can bring your business to life, serving as a fun, physical representation of your company or organization.

Your mascot should demonstrate the values and characteristics of your brand which may not be possible (or nearly as enjoyable) in other ways, and can even help your firm increase revenue. Over the years, Carol Flemming Costume Design has created mascot costumes for sports teams, amusement parks, food service businesses, and local and federal government agencies. Whether you know exactly what you want your mascot costume to look like, or if you need help designing a custom mascot costume, we have a full-time cartoonist on staff to help bring your ideas to life.

We will work with you from the idea and design stage, to development and final creation. We hold ourselves to the highest levels of expert skill and exceptional customer service to deliver a final product that you will love.

Professional Quality Mascot Costumes

When you give us a call, you'll speak directly with our founder, Carol Flemming. From your very first call, everyone at Carol Flemming Costume Design will take personal responsibility to deliver a mascot costume that you and your business want and need.

One of the benefits of a mascot is that it lives on forever. Your mascot can continue to inspire fans, engage customers, or enliven your employees for years to come. Because of this, you will need to get a lot of use out of your mascot costume. We will help you create a custom mascot costume backed by well-conceived designs, and constructed with materials that will withstand the test of time.

At Carol Flemming Costume Design, our rigorous standards allow us to offer a five-year warranty on your mascot costume. Call us now to get started on your custom mascot design today!

Custom Mascot Costume Design in Valley Springs, CA

Custom mascot costumes by Carol Flemming Costume Design in Valley Springs, CA are created with the best fabrics and designs on the market. Our mascot costumes come with a five-year warranty, and the best customer service at the very best price.