Custom Mascot Costume Shoes

All mascot shoes have 18 ply neoprene none-slip soles, fit size 5 women’s to size 13 men’s.  They also have a 5 year warranty and can be made in any color.

              GOLD HI TOPS                                                                      BLACK HI TOPS


Red Balloon Hi Tops $300

Gorilla Feet

Gorilla Feet Mascot Shoes

Red Hi Tops

Red High Tops Mascot shoes

Stevi B Shoes

Stevi B Mascot Shoes

Red Tennis Shoes

Mascot Tennis Shoes


Panther Feet Mascot shoes

Orange Boots

Orange Boots Mascot shoes

Grey Boots

Grey Mascot Boots

Bear Boots

Bear Boots Custom Mascot shoes

Lumberjack Boots

Lumberjack Mascot Boots


Off Trail Mascot Boots

Pizza Shoes

Pizza Mascot Shoes

Bird Feet

Bird Mascot Feet

Red White Shoes

Red and White Hi Top Mascot Soes

Red Yellow Shoes

Red Yellow Mascot Shoes

Gorilla Shoes

Gorilla Mascot Costume Shoes

Monster Feet

Monster Mascot Costume Shoes